This Site is a cornucopia of information and opinion about working in an online business. The title gives you a clue to my philosophy: keep testing, repeat what works, change the rest.

My name is David Stobs-Stobart. My first computer was a Commodore 64 and, since the late 1980’s, I can’t remember life without computers. Throughout the growth of the internet, I have been enthralled at the possibilities and excitement of the new ideas that have emerged at such exciting speed. The rewiring of ‘how we do things’ online has been and continues to be intoxicating. I love how the internet and business work together.

This intersection of the internet and business is where I’ve lived and worked in various roles, from analyst to manager to product head. Always close to the operations of the business. Always close to the user experience of the product. Always close to the vast amount of data and analytics we use to keep growing.

At each turn of the road, like most people, I think of ways in which to improve over the last endeavour. Sometimes successfully and sometimes not. This experience tends to grow on you until you feel a compunction to write things down. And with that ‘Test, Repeat’ was born. This Site’s coverage is broad and that’s just the way I like it.


My 5-Point Summary About Legal Things and Privacy Issues

  • Personal opinion’s expressed in posts are my own. They don’t reflect the opinion of any person or organisation to whom I may be affiliated, or have been affiliated in the past.

  • The purpose of this site is about sharing opinions, mostly about business. If I cover news and research items, chances are they have been published by someone else already and I’m including them here because I think it’s important. This is not a news site and I make every effort to attribute my sources.

  • If I get something wrong, let me know. I’d rather you left your lawyers alone in their nice expensive offices.

  • I use cookies to track how you use this Site with the objective of improving its content and layout. I may use industry-standard techniques to dynamically change aspects of the site depending on whether you’ve visited before or not. If you have visited before, I may use that information to present different content or a layout that I think better suits your needs. Some of this history may be used to sell appropriate advertising from well-established companies in order for me to offset the costs of time and money in producing this site. This should come as no surprise but let me know if it bothers you. If you don’t want me to have personally identifiable information about you – don’t give me any.

  • Most importantly, don’t make commercial decisions relying on information produced or re-produced here. If you’re inspired to do something with your own business and it’s going to cost you money, time or reputation – do some due diligence first and take full responsibility for your actions. I assume no liability for anyone’s ignorance, incompetence or misfortune.