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How much detail?


At Conversocial, we try hard to ensure a quick pace of product development. That means releasing code many times a week. One of the challenges in such a fast-pace environment is how to keep your eyes on executing the strategy but still up to speed on the details at a pixel-level.

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I disagree with the ‘final picture’, but I like the question


From a post ‘Be Very Afraid, what happens when marketing runs customer service‘ from Luke Brynley-Jones (June 12, 2014)

“…the final picture of social customer engagement is likely to be a single, customer-facing team headed by the richest, most aggressive and ambitious department in any organisation: aka Marketing. If that were to happen today, for most organisations it would make for a decidedly ugly picture – the majority of marketeers have never set foot in a contact centre and most contact centre agents have no idea when the next marketing campaign is going out – but it’s where we need to go.”

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Product Management in the Enterprise Space


I was recently forwarded by @spark911uk an old post on prioritising what to build into a product (recommended read from Joelle Steiniger, Dec 11 2013, here).

The post is a great case study for any product manager: it’s the lesson about limiting choice so you don’t end up catering for endless flexibility. Focus on the problem, not the person. I completely agree. And that makes picking the right people to listen to key in the early stages of customer validation.

There is in my opinion a difference between B2B enterprise world and B2C consumer world.
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